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Born in Vancouver, but raised in the small town of Tsawassen British Columbia, I have been possessed by a passion for drawing and creating art, for as long as I can remember. Throughout high school and my first year at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, my inspirations and creative focuses have ebbed and flowed alternately between graphic design, illustration, and fine art- slowly culminating in a style that blends all my influences from Picasso, to Andrew Loomis, to Frank Frazetta, and beyond.  


Since 2013, I have been actively creating, promoting and selling my artwork under the moniker of Graydon Wallace Art. Over the years I have exhibited and  participated in various group shows throughout Vancouver, such as: Glitz Entertainment's "Lab Art Show" (2013), RAW Vancouver's "Panorama Showcase" (2014), South Delta Artist Guild's" Oil & Water Show" (2014 & 2015) and The Pancakes & Booze Art Show (2015-present). 


As I continue to travel along in this creative endeavour, my goal is to continue pressing forward, producing compelling work that morphs with time and experience, connecting with people in meaningful and miraculous ways. 





GRAYDON WALLACE ART is dedicated to creating stylish & economical Decorative Posters inspired by captivating & iconic figures


I have always been a lover of music, films and novels (both graphic and literary), and as developing artist, I absorbed all of it. While practicing my craft and soaking up all those influences, I played around with various types of subject matter, ranging from abstracts, to landscapes, to fantasy, eventually focusing on portraiture as my path forward. 

For a long time, the missing component was discovering what kinds of figures and characters brought out the best in me as an artist, and would with resonate best with whoever was going to become my audience. It wasn't until 2013, when I haphazardly chose to put a few portraits of famous figures I found fascinating in a local show, (John Lennon & Bob Dylan) that I found the beginning of my path forward.

This, in turn, led to the development of an ongoing series of portraits featuring the iconic musicians, film stars, models, and writers that I have gained so much inspiration and value from over the years.


Combining a love of typography, illustration and graphic design, my resulting series of ICONIC POP PORTRAITS was born. These subjects remain close to my heart, due to their profound influence on me, and helping to kick start GRAYDON WALLACE ART into existence.

Graydon Wallace Art Iconic Pop Portraits


After many years of developing my style and studying iconic figures, I eventually began to feel an increasing desire to take what I had learned as an artist and apply it to something fresh and new.

At first this new exploration had no name or defined edges, except that I would aim to evolve from the study of known figures, and instead, create my own characters that inhabit worlds all of their own. My aim is to capture the fashions and eras of the 20th century, and combine them with modern colours, textures and atmosphere, creating portrait art that reflects the past, the present, and possibly the future in bold, and enigmatic strokes. 

Graydon Wallace Art Retro Futurist Pop Posters

All Images © Graydon Wallace Art 2023

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