Marilyn Monroe (Revisited)

** Marilyn Monroe Mixed Media 14 x 18 Inches Limited Edition Poster Print

Marilyn Monroe is undeniably a beautiful subject. True beauty resonates from within, and in the right hands, that beauty has the ability to transcend time and find its way into art. The mystery about celebrities is often the challenge in defining exactly what qualities make them iconic. An iconic individual reflects and amplifies attributes and qualities that we can all see and feel within ourselves, and yet we rarely consciously recognize those qualities in ourselves when we notice those traits displayed by others. For that reason, it can sometimes be easy to forget that individuals marked by their fame, are not gods among mortals. With Marilyn Monroe, who became a star and sex symbol in and beyond her own lifetime, there is an often overlooked human being forgotten behind the films and photographs that came to define her. She has a grace and a certain mystique that makes her unforgettable, but there is an intangible depth that exists behind those qualities that is difficult to pin down.

With earlier attempts in capturing Marilyn, her likeness always seemed to slightly elude me. There was a difficulty for me in finding a balance between evoking the iconic woman, and the real woman underneath but in retrospect, I see that I may have been trying too hard. The dichotomy of the vibrant and lovely symbol on the surface, coupled with a searching, thinking and often lonely woman underneath was what drew her to me as a subject, but it seemed to do her a disservice to try to cram too many aspects of her into a single portrait. The most exciting subjects are multifaceted, and welcome revisiting...and Marilyn Monroe has proved to be a subject worth returning to and studying repeatedly. I hope to do more in the future, because if this portrait is any indication, I feel I'm just getting started.


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