** ELVIS #2 Mixed Media 16 x 20 Inches Limited Edition Poster Print

ELVIS #2, like almost all of my follow up projects, has been on my list for a while, but the fulfillment of other projects preceded it. With a near constant flow of new ideas coming to me than I seem I have time to get to, and a desire to expand the Graydon Wallace Art Gallery as broadly in thematic and subjective terms, it often takes time to return to and flesh out each subject. I consider the time spent with each project like a meeting with a close friend that I'm catching up with in a room full of other close friends. Those that become familiar are always tempered with an increasing number of new faces I'd like to introduce myself to and get to know. However, the time away from each subject helps me appreciate each one even more each time I reprise them. In creative terms it's important to always feel that what I'm creating is fresh, exciting, vital and not simply a retread of what came before. Returning to Elvis was inevitable, and I'm certainly glad I did. It's pleasing to see this subject continue to improve and expand.

After ELVIS #1 (Jailhouse Rock), (which I was extremely pleased with, visually and conceptually) there was still new visual territory I wanted to explore. ELVIS #2 was conceived as a polarizing counterpart to my original design. I thought it would be great to do a version of the leather clad Elvis, because the dark tones and textures of the leather would balance well with the white jacket I dressed Elvis in the first time around. Pairing the two portraits up would offer light versus dark treatments of Elvis's attire, contrasting warm versus cool typefaces, and differing border styles, all to represent the King in two interesting but also definitive ways. Some icons I could paint over and over again and discover something new with each attempt, and Elvis is definitely one of them. I feel there are still more to come.

Long live the King!


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