**TWIGGY Mixed Media 16 x 20 Inches Limited Edition Print

I felt inspired to capture another famous and beautiful face, and eventually found my way to fashion icon, Twiggy. Also known as Lesley Lawson, Twiggy was a prominent English teenage supermodel, actress and singer of the swinging sixties. Nicknamed for her thin build, androgynous look, large eyes, long eyelashes and short hair, she eventually became "the face of the 1960s", and in addition to modelling (where she got her start) also enjoyed a career as a screen, stage and television actress. Polarizing public and industry views of her either saw her as a fashion icon and darling with a unique look, or as a poor female role model and was derided for possessing an unhealthy body type, despite personally speaking out against "waif thin models", eating a healthy diet and naturally possessing a thin frame. Regardless of the public view on either side, Twiggy's visual presence as a British Pop Culture icon is hard to deny or ignore.

While gathering countless potential references for the project, I tried to stray away from going with the most famous images of a personality who was already iconic enough for her appearance. Eventually, I uncovered a reference a little off the beaten path that featured Twiggy in a classic mode, posing like a 1940's starlet from an old movie. I thought this would be a great way to combine multiple aspects of Twiggy's role in Brit culture, posing as a model, starlet and pop icon in a single image, and also expanding on my interest in film noir aesthetics. In time, it would be great to tackle a more "mod" style Twiggy portrait that is reminiscent and reflective of the 1960's aesthetic she was a part of. But, on the other hand, this particular project allowed me to explore and educate myself about Twiggy as a subject first, and by doing so, liberate myself from doing a by-the-numbers type of portrait by injecting nuances and stylistic aspects that represent her as a character and tie in with other projects in the Graydon Wallace Art canon.


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