Turning An Artist Into Art: Phase 2-SALVADOR DALI (King of Surrealism)

Following my portrait of PABLO PICASSO and thoroughly feeling pleased with the results, I felt it was time to expand upon the theme of portraits featuring modern artists, which led me to my latest: SALVADOR DALI. DALI felt to me to by a logical choice, because in terms of influence on me, like Picasso, his work entered my life while I was in art school studying art history. The two artists also emerged from the same era, were multifaceted in their talent and yet wonderfully different in terms of their styles and the movements they spearheaded. While PICASSO is often viewed as the quintessential artist who brought Cubism to the public's attention, SALVADOR DALI emerged as a pioneer for Surrealism.

**Salvador Dali Mixed Media 18 x 24 Inches Limited Edition Print

In many ways, SALVADOR DALI was the king of Surrealism, embracing both the thematic and aesthetic aspects of the movement (the lucid power of the subconscious mind), and continuing to appropriate the bizarre in his home design, his public persona and publicity stunts, and continued to explore Surrealism's possibilities in his work long after the movement's golden years. While primarily recognized for his strange but technically proficient paintings (notably and most famously The Persistence of Memory, which featured the iconic image of melting clocks), Dali's work was quite expansive in terms of medium, also touching on photography, sculpture and film. He also designed jewellery, clothing, furniture, stage sets for plays and ballets, and also crafted his studio and home to reflect his personality and fascination with Surrealist concepts and sensibilities. Much to the chagrin of of his critics, DALI played the celebrity game well, often indulging in grandiose behaviour which effectively drew more public attention to his work, but alienated him somewhat from those who held his skills as a draftsman in high regard. While personally fascinated by the themes explored in his work and impressed by the grand scope of it, for me, what I found admirable about SALVADOR DALI is that he had the courage to live his life on his own eccentric terms and never abandon his dedication to his craft. In a way, he was a bit of a mad scientist in the art world, but extremely effective in self promotion, innovative and above all else, boundlessly creative.


Drawing a figure with as much character and life in him as SALVADOR DALI was surprisingly effortless, as his exuberant personality carries the majority of the visual weight. All his physical attributes are on display: his tall and lean stature, his dark, slicked back hair, his wide eyed gaze, his curled moustache and his lavish spaniard name in loose and glorious type, all perched upon a the imagery of an iconic melting clock from The Persistence of Memory...DALI is a larger than life figure begging for attention. He was too much fun to capture, and I'm so pleased I did.


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