Revisitng the Cinematic w/ Humphrey Bogart

**HUMPHERY BOGART Mixed Media 16 x 20 Inches Limited Edition Poster Print

Maltese Falcon. The Big Sleep. Casablanca. Humphrey Bogart is an American screen and stage actor and one of the most iconic and recognizable faces in Hollywood history for his outstanding performances and contribution to 1940s film noir. Always outspoken, and dedicated to his craft, Bogart starred in over 70 feature films in his lifetime, was an Academy Award recipient, and also drew attention and controversy for his honest and occasionally cutting opinions on the artistic merit of many Hollywood films, including some of the ones he starred in. His was a face I knew I needed to take the time to capture.

While working on a series of large original paintings to present to a client (many of which later turned up in the GWA Portfolio/Collection), many discussions surrounding classic film stars were had, and Bogart was mentioned throughout many a conversation. I was quick to acknowledge a gap in my own Portfolio that I knew I wanted to fill with my own take on Bogart, not only as a way to impress and cater to my client's tastes, but for my own personal satisfaction. As a long time lover of film noir and all things gangster, my first foray into a portrait project featuring Humphrey Bogart became a labor of love, and one I am extremely fond of and proud to add to my growing collection. As I take on the gangster theme with more Pop, character, and style based portraits in the film noir genre in the future, I think I'll be happy to look back on this piece as a solid starting point. Bogart isn't the first classic film star I've painted, or the first gangster inspired work I've taken on, and he will not be the last. I look forward to definitely doing more.


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