Returning To The Cinematic: PHASE 1- Portrait Of A Rebel: JAMES DEAN

**JAMES DEAN Mixed Media 16 x 20 Inches Limited Edition Poster Print

JAMES DEAN: Rebel Without A Cause. Brooding, moody, ruggedly handsome, famously difficult to work with, but charismatic as they come, James Dean's short but significant acting career (additionally distinct in landing him two separate posthumous Academy Awards) made him one of the true early examples of young talent taken too early: burning out like a flame rather than fading away. A character I had not yet creatively taken a stab at, I decided to to give him a try, resulting in another project with an edge and an attitude I'm proud to have in the GWA Collection.

**JAMES DEAN framed

Passing away at only 24 years of age in a tragic car crash, James Dean embodied early teenage angst and rebellion. I like drawing and painting rebels because there is a potent quality to them that stands out beyond films and photographs. They possess qualities that stir up and appeal to that little bit (or, for some, the large amount) of free spirit that can be found in each of us, but often repressed. For someone like myself who is fairly passive, calm, and not typically impulsive, characters that possess or embody that carefree, challenging and rebellious spirit often inspire me. Uncompromising types of people are easy to admire, to follow and to aspire to be more like, even if the flip side means that going against the grain won't always make you more popular, easy to like or happier for it. In a way, capturing these figures is a kind of wish fulfillment for me, because I am able to share my reverence and respect for personalities like James Dean, who embody qualities I don't naturally have but wish I naturally had more of. They live on their own terms and look cool doing it, and even if my way of tapping into the rebel zeitgeist is by interpreting them artistically, I tip my hat and raise my glass to the rebels that allow me to feel cooler. James Dean is a character I will return to as a way to remind myself of my love of the 1950s aesthetic...and to continue rediscovering the appeal of the rebel within.


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