Continuing The Cinematic w/: VERONICA LAKE

**Veronica Lake 16 x 20 Inches Mixed Media Limited Edition Poster Print

Veronica Lake was a television, stage, and movie actress who won acclaim primarily for her roles as a femme fatale in films such as This Gun For Hire, and The Glass Key and for her role in the film Sullivan's Travels. Her iconic look, for which she was dubbed "the peekaboo girl" became a visual and stylistic staple of classic 1940s fashion, film noir and gangster fair. Though her career waned later in life, and she suffered from alcoholism, Lake's acting contributions in early Hollywood earned her a special place in cinematic history, as one of the most famous actresses and early cinematic icons to grace the silver screen.

Though she may not be as immediately recognizable as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, Lake has always held a special place in my heart for my love of film noir and the special place she occupies in that genre. She is talented, beautiful and her characters command the screen. Femme fatales definitely possess a dangerous allure, which is a quality I have always enjoyed in various female villains: beautiful and deadly. I wanted to honour and capture that in an effective portrait, and yet also make the art feel contemporary by adding a little colour. In a modern age where women are constantly breaking new ground in our culture socially, politically, and artistically and asserting themselves in more ways than ever before, the relevance of characters and icons such as Veronica Lake is only bound to increase. I hope to feature Veronica Lake more in future projects, because visually she makes as strong an impact in visual art as she does on film.


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